Workout Of The Day 2 November 2017

Just hanging around. Max pull up bar hang.

Workout Of The Day 2 November 2017

For the month of November only, we will institute a no dropping the barbell policy. (Exception is only during the Oly class).  Of the many reasons; you’ll improve your grip strength, get to practice more hook grip, increase back strength, improve proper scaling, quieter, safer…etc.  We will adjust in December as we get heavier in our Oly cycle.

November…No dropping weights…5 burpees on the spot penalty.


E2M – Back Squat


*All sets at 70% of 1RM…or increase 5-10# from last week

*Max reps on last set, up to 10 reps



Power Clean

Pull up



Accessory work:

3 x 10-15 BW Single leg RDL’s


100 Banded Glute bridges


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