Workout Of The Day 4 December 2017

Nubia got 3 PR's last week. Let's see what everyone can get this week. By the way...CrossFit Total is Wednesday!

Workout Of The Day 4 December 2017

E2M x 5

Power Snatch + 2 OHS

*Try not to adjust feet after the PS; instead work on landing with feet in the same position for OHS.

*Try to increase weight each set

*Do not go up in weight if you had to adjust your feet…but also, don’t squat in a crappy position.



8 Power Cleans

10 Burpees

RX = 135/95

*Scale weight if you cannot do 8 unbroken power cleans with good form while fresh.  It’s ok to break up the set of 8 during the WOD, but you should not be doing singles.


Accessory work:

Crossover Symmetry Recovery


150 Banded Glute Bridges

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