Workout Of The Day 3 January 2018

BINGO! Fun game for the month of January. How many squares can you get checked off?

Workout Of The Day 3 January 2018

If you made an appointment, don’t forget about the Body Fat Immersion Truck coming in the afternoon.


E2M x 4 Rounds

1 – 500m Row

2 – 3 Rounds: 15 Double unders + 15 Squats

3 – 3 Rounds 10 GHD Sit ups + 10 GHD Hip ext.

4 – 400m Run


Accessory work:

3 sets of:

Max strict pull ups

Max strict push ups

*If you don’t have a strict pull up, engage your lats and pull as high as you can.

*Stop 2 reps shy of failure for both except for last set.

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