Workout Of The Day 19 September 2018

Workout Of The Day 19 September 2018

E3M x 3

Back Squat

10 @ 45%

10 @ 55%

Max (up to 20) @ 65%

*If 20 reps last time, then add 5 – 10#


For Time:

400m Run

400m Farmer Carry

400m Run

*Farmer carry is as heavy as possible (AHAP), while shooting to take no more than 3 breaks.  Also, try not to “run” and go unbroken. It should be a grind.


Accessory work:

Tabata Hollow and Arch holds

*With PVC held overhead, alternate between hollow and arch position holds for 8 TABATA rounds

*Scaled Options:

For hollow position, bring knees and arms closer to centerline to enable low back to press firmly into the ground.

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