Our foundations class is a great way to learn CrossFit at a slower pace.  As with regular classes, everything is scalable.  There are no assigned weights for WODs…do what you can do (your Coach will assist you in choosing the right weight or other scaling options). There is more time in this class as compared to our regular class times to learn movements and not feel like you “slowing the class down”. It is perfect for beginners, those getting back into CrossFit after some time off, stay at home mom/dads, and everyone in between.

To begin working out at CrossFit Flood, you must start with a series of personal training sessions. These sessions will introduce you to the exercises, equipment, and philosophy of CrossFit. After you have finished your introductory sessions, you can choose to continue with personal training or enter one of our classes (subject to trainer’s recommendation). Please contact us to schedule your introduction.



A typical CrossFit workout consists of four elements, only one of which is the workout of the day. Whether you are training on your own, at the gym, or with a coach, it is important to integrate each of these elements into your workout schedule.


A CrossFit workout warm up typically consists of several get-your-blood-pumping exercises over a timeframe of 12 to 15 minutes. More than the average workout’s 5 minute jog, a CrossFit dynamic warm up focuses on several muscle groups with exercises like jumping jacks, pull ups, lunges, squats, jumping rope and more. These warm up drills prepare the body and the mind for the coming workout as well as enhance overall athletic performance and help prevent injuries.

Time: 12-15 minutes
Exercises: jumping jacks, pull ups, lunges, squats, jumping rope, etc.
Purpose: To warm up the body and mind for the coming workout challenge. To enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury.


2. WOD

The CrossFit Workout of the Day, or the WOD as it is commonly called, is the heart of a CrossFit workout routine. Varying from day-to-day, the WOD mixes up the CrossFit workout routine and utilizes HITT and strength training. The WOD usually requires that the CrossFit member complete a certain number of exercises and reps as quickly as possible, OR to finish as many reps of a certain exercises as possible within a time constraint. The WOD is dedicated to pushing oneself on a daily basis as well as to assist members in achieving ultimate fitness.

Time: 10-20 minutes
Exercises: High intensity training that varies with each CrossFit WOD
Purpose: To become fit and push oneself.


On strength days, this element of a CrossFit workout routine is dedicated to building pure body strength through exercises like deadlifts, squats, and the like. On workout days dedicated to skill, this workout element focuses on drills to enhance a skill (often one needed for the following workout routine segment, the WOD). Other skill days can be dedicated to building your skill and focusing on the form of drills like muscle ups, one legged squats, etc.

Time: 15-20 minutes
Exercises: Strength building exercises or skill enhancing drills
Purpose: To gain the muscle memory, improve form, and increase overall health.



The cool down or stretching time of a CrossFit workout routine is often underrated but it is during this time that the muscles have a chance to cool down without seizing or risking injury in future workouts. This is also the time to bring the body back to baseline in temperature as well as heart rate, and increase flexibility. This segment can consist of traditional stretching of the muscles as well as the use of stretch bands or foam rollers.

Time: 10-15 minutes
Exercises: Stretches
Purpose: To reduce the risk of injury, to bring the body back to baseline and increase flexibility.